Friday, December 12, 2008

Words That Make Me Dance

I have been spending the afternoon getting book reviews loaded onto the website. We always include the target audience in our reviews, but these are reviews from our toughest audience: kids who don't like to read.

The group I'm working on today were written by high school readers-in-need who are reading at an upper elementary level. These students have done a wonderful job, no doubt through the dedication of their teacher. I can't imagine her joy when she read this student's answer to the question about whether s/he would buy, borrow, or skip this book.

"I would buy this book because I really don't like reading but this book helped me out a lot. I forced myself to read, and as I read the book, I started to like it and I thought to myself it ain't nothing wrong with this book and I liked it and I understand that book a lot better than the ones I've been reading."


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  1. That's great, Terry! Thanks for sharing it.


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